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Dental Services

Personalized Care and Guidance


Child Dentistry

Like most things in life, it’s always better to start early: this includes your child’s exposure to health dental habits. The sooner you start familiarizing your child with the dental office, the easier it will be down the line.

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Routine Check-Ups

Routine check ups help ensure a healthy mouth and prevent future dental problems. During a routine check your dentist will check your teeth, gums and overall mouth. If you had any problems or want some advice, this is the time to bring them up to your dentist.

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Porcelaine Veneers

If you have gaps in your teeth or just want to fix your smile to the way you want, porcelain veneers may be the solution for you. Veneers are made of a super thin shell that covers the front of your tooth to improve its appearance.



An extraction is essentially an eviction for you tooth, it needs to pack up all it’s belongings and be removed from the premises. A tooth extraction is when the tooth is completely removed from its socket in the bone, usually when a tooth is extracted it is beyond repair.


Teeth Whitening

A white smile can give us that extra boost of confidence we want. A whitening tray will be made for you teeth and then for the next few weeks all you will have to do is apply a whitening solution (made from a harmless bleaching agent) and voila! A whiter and brighter smile.

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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns also known as caps are little attachments that go on top of an existing tooth. They are ideal to restore the shape, colour and function of your tooth. They are available in three types: all metal, metal and porcelain and porcelain/ceramic.

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You love your sport, but you also probably love your teeth. The best way to protect them while playing contact sports (like hockey, cricket, soccer, football etc.) is with a mouthguard.



One of the more common dental terms, a filing replaces a part of the tooth that was lost due to tooth decay. Fillings are coloured to match the shade and shape of your tooth.


Partial Dentures

If you have one or more missing teeth, partial dentures may be a good fit to help rebuild your smile. Partial dentures are a plate (made of either plastic or metal) that have one or more false teeth built in. They are secured in your mouth using clasps or clips and have a natural appearance to your other teeth.

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Root Canals

If you have an infected tooth or a really bad sensitivity or toothache, you may need a root canal. Now don’t let the stereotypes intimidate you, root canal procedures are similar to a really long filling visit. Local anaesthetics will help you feel (almost) nothing and the pain afterwards is minimal.

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Dental Implants

Much less intimidating than it sounds, a dental implant is a replacement tooth that is made out of titanium. Implants can last a lifetime, are easy to care for and look as well as feel just like your natural teeth.

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TMJ Disease

MJ dysfunction can cause severe headaches, neck or shoulder pain, difficulty chewing or yawning pain or discomfort on the sides of your face.  If these symptoms sound (or feel) familiar talk to you dentist about diagnosis and treatment options.


Gum Care

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! Our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed. Schedule this service today or feel free to stop by anytime.


X-rays show if there is any decay between your teeth or under existing fillings, any possible infections in the roots, or any bone loss around the tooth. Finding and treating dental problems at an early stage can save both time and money.

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